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Added Galleries - New Collaboration

Hey mates!

If you have not noticed already I have updated the site by moving some stuff around but also adding a couple new galleries. Two of them are yet to have content on them but they will soon enough. The "Sketchbook" gallery is a work in progress as I am actively scanning images in to put up. However, the "Scuplture" gallery is something completely new to the site but to myself as well. This will be a new collaboration I will be consitantly doing with friend of the site, MSTRMIND. We are still pursuing the art show for the bay area but in the meantime we are doing some this fun project. Our very first one should be out by the end of the month and we should have a new one every two months or so. (Hint - the first one will be based on a big cinematic event coming up this month.) Keep an eye on Instagram as you maybe able to contribute to the final decision!

Till next time!

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