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Current Projects / Convention Circuit Potential

It's been awhile since I posted last so you maybe wondering why I fell off the map. I've been super busy working on a bunch of different projects which if you've been following along on Instagram you will know whats been going on but I will catch you all up here. I have been working at Creativity Inc doing animation and illustration on a bunch of different toys. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what I've been working on since I signed an NDA but I can tell you it's all been pretty awesome. However, it's only contract work so I've been actively working on my own stuff. One of those being a new line of illustration which I am going to unroll here first. It's going to be PIXAR A to Z and you can find the first batch of them already but social media wont see them until they are all done so if you want the early looks they stay tuned on here.

I've also actively been working with my good friend MSTRMIND to get us set up to show and sell our work at the Alternative Press Expo. More info will be to come on this but their is a distinct possibility that we will also be collaborating with our friend Jeirome for a limited edition vinyl figure. Jeirome will be creating a 3D model out of one of MSTRMIND's illustrations and then 3D printing it so we can cast it and make a mold of it. Once that is all said and done I will be hand painting them. The goal for us is to do special and limited figures for every convention that we attend so make sure to stay tuned on this.

I will definitely try to post more to avoid these long posts but I appreciate you following me along this ride!

See ya mates!

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