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NEW YouTube Channel - Stevee's TV


With the help of my girlfriend, Stevee Perez, I have started a new YouTube channel which is a vlog of our lives. We will be posting every Sunday (usually at night) with a new video of what we did during the weekend. Each video will be different as we explore new and interesting adventures in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

I am not the star of the vlog, more of a feature, but I do all of the editing for the videos and quite a bit film. All of our captions are done by Stevee since hand lettering is her art form. It gives a small look into our lives and gives us an excuse to collaborate on a project together. If you like our work and want to know more about us or you like vlogs in general it is definitely work checking out.

Our most recent video a attached above but we also have two other video in which we go to SF Comic Con and try our hand at vlogging for the first time. Let us know in the comments what you think as this is a new and evolving project for us. We are also doing an art print give away for those who subscribe and comment. Next weeks video we will dive more into what the print will be.

Thanks mates,


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