Upcoming Art Show! RAW: SJ - ENVISION


I am proud to announce that I am going to be apart of ENVISION, the new RAW Artists showcase in San Jose. My work will be featured along side a ton of super talented artists who specialize in many different disciplines. Where you are an art lover, music lover or fashionista this showcase has a place for you. No only will you be able to enjoy (and purchase) beautiful pieces of art but you'll also be able to see live music and a fashion show while enjoying drinks.

Last year I had the pleasure of being featured in the RAW San Francisco show, CUSP. This was my first show with them and it was an incredible event to help promote talented independent artists. A purchase of a ticket to one of these shows helps keep events like this going and even gives money directly to the artists themselves. These events are a platform for artists who may not be able to attend a show like this. Even if you don't go for me, you should still attend as it is a fun event and promotes the local art scene.

Tickets Here:


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